Stressometer Chart

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Anger Management Cards

Anger Management

Stressometer Chart

A wonderful fully laminated resource for showing and discussing your rage guage. Opens up discussions around how you are feeling and can help children and adults show the rest of the class, teachers or even paretns when used at home, where they are on the stressometer. This can often better inform our response to them and help to diffuse rows and stop tempers from escalating. With a velcro arrow that can be moved up and down the scale. With one for each member of the family on the wall, this can really help children and young people understand and empathise better with others by having a visual reminder to look at. It can also show them that when they are kind, and you move the arrow down on your own chart, what impact that can have on others.
A4 fully laminated with velcro arrow


Anger Management Cards

A great resource for children who need help managing anger.
Used by Teachers, parents, TA's and other staff to go over and embed strategies that children Ican use to help with escalation. Includes blank cards so that children can come up with their oen strategies and write them on with a sharpie. Great reminder to have in their bags, pocket and desks to remind them when they start to feel their rage guage going up. Professionally made and on a keyring to keep them all together.


Stressometer Chart
Anger Cards

*Anger Management Bundle*

Purchase one Stressometer chart and one set of Anger Management Cards for the combined price of £9.99. Please use the Add to Cart button below to purchase this offer

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