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How Big Is My Problem?


A great chart or sheet to help children and young people put problems into perspective. Can help with networks, anxiety and problem solving.

Reflection Chart


Use this to personalise your feelings and worries. How do I feel when this happens. Great for self reflection and anxiety.
Use with the How big is my problem chart.

The Worry Tree


A great way to work out problems and problem solve for yourself in a coaching approach. Work through the questions and find the right solution for yourself.

What I Can Control


A useful reminder chart to help identify things that are in or out of your control and help to relieve anxiety or worry.

Triggers of Behaviour


This chart is a visual reminder of things that can trigger challenging behaviour.
Useful wall reminder and can help children to use self reflection and develop problem solving skills by recognising these triggers.

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Download 5 resources for £4
How Big Is My Problem
Reflection Chart
The Worry Tree
What I Can Control
Triggers of Behaviour

Is It Bullying?


3 x A4 posters showing what to do, how to spot the signs and what to look for.
Fantastic classroom or at home resource when you are trying to explain the difference between bullying and joking around. Especially good at helping children to identfy the difference between being a bystander or a friend.

My Weekly Rota Chart


Do you have children who like to know what is happening when? Perhaps your child lives between two homes?
This chart can be really useful to show them timings etc for events, such as who is picking them up from school, where are they sleeping, who is taking them where.

Protective Behaviours
Delivery Bundle


Everything you need to deliver Protective Behaviours in your classroom for KS1 and KS2. Includes workbooks, delivery worksheets, facilitator worksheets, examples and additional add-ons. Also includes information for parents and carers.
All sent via email after purchase. Great value! £20

Mindfulness Worksheets

From £4.00

10 fabulous worksheets for children, young people or adults when working through mindfulness.
£4 download,
£10 printed and posted. 

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Forest Schools


Forest Schools activities - some helpful worksheets to get you started.  
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